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LESSOR: Lessor is the one who gives or offers something for lease. The verb lease, on the other hand, refers to granting or acquiring the temporary use of a thing from a payment. RICE: The etymological route of the term rice is very extensive. The remotest roots of the concept are found in Sanskrit urīhi. He then switched to Greek (óryza), Classical Arabic (aruz), and Hispanic Arabic (arráwz) before reaching our language. SLANG: Slang is a French term, accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), which refers to jargon: a particular type of language used by members of a group.
STUNNED: Anonadado is an adjective derived from the verb anonadar: disconcert, surprise or overwhelm. This action can also refer, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), to minimize, subjugate or humiliate. ASCENDANT: The concept of ascendant can be used as an adjective or as a noun. In the first case, the term qualifies the one or the one who ascends (that is, who rises or rises). GOLGI APPARATUS: The notion of apparatus can refer to the grouping of elements that, acting in a coordinated and joint way, carry out the same function. There are multiple devices: among them, the Golgi device.
FAMILY ALLOWANCE: Assignment is called the act and the consequence of assigning, a verb that refers to grant, establish or indicate something that corresponds. The idea of ​​allocation is used to mention salary and other types of remuneration or payments. EXPLOITATION: Use is called the act and result of taking advantage or taking advantage. This verb (to take advantage of) refers to the useful use of something, obtaining as much as possible of its performance. ARTISAN: Craftsman is a concept related or related to crafts. Crafts, meanwhile, refers to the work done manually by a person, without the help of mechanical energy.


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